Large cleaning

Large cleaning

Major cleaning is usually done twice a year (in spring and autumn), but also more often. Major cleaning is a work that requires special skills and often special equipment. Our team trained for large cleaning uses professional cleaners and cleaning products.

List of major cleaning works:

  •                     soft furniture cleaning
  •                     cleaning of leather furniture
  •                     deep stone floor cleaning
  •                     Washing windows
  •                     Cleaning of radiators from dust and stains
  •                     Cleaning of walls from dust (removal of stains if necessary)
  •                     Cleaning of switches, carbs, plugs from stains and dust
  •                     Cleaning door sets , handles, packages from stains and dust
  •                     Cleaning of ventilation plaphoons and pipes from dust.
  •                     Laundry and disinfection of toilets, saunas and other sanitary facilities
  •                     Laundry and waxing of different floors
  •                     Carpet and carpeting lingerie/cleaning
  •                     Cleaning of textiles, strip and flat-top curtains
  •                     Ceiling and wall lamp cleaning
  •                     Soft furniture wash
  •                     Cleaning the yard from winter debris

If necessary, other special cleaning works will be carried out at the customer’s request. When making major cleanings, we are guided by the customer’s wishes about the volume and characteristics of the service. The price depends on the number of works and the use of the cleaning products required.

Sample price for major cleaning:

House up to 100m2 150-220€/procedure

House up to 150 m2 210-280€/procedure

House up to 200 m2 250-320€/procedure

The exact price will be revealed in the objetk inspection.